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About Us

Who We Are?

Tekna Group, is a multifaceted business house registered in 1994.

Our activities include, but are not limited to, the following:-

– Manufacturing and Exporting Himalayan Rock Salt Products
– Architecture and Designing Himalaya Rock Salt Signature SPA
– Manufacturing and Exporting Food Grade Items

1 ) We have all three types of Himalayan Edible Salt i.e.

-Pink Himalayan
-White Salt
-Black Salts
(In all grain sizes from fine to coarse)

Himalayan Pink Salt products which are used as cooking salt, table salt, for sprinkling on salads, for bathing (in bath tubs) for massage therapy, muscle relaxation, detoxification etc. In the developed world more and more people are switching over to pink Himalayan rock salt from the usual Sea Salt. Pink Salt is pure and free of any anticaking or discoloring agents, as per many researchers it even helps lowering blood pressure ( See Dr. OZ on the google search). When this salt is exposed to slight heat ( by lighting a 15 Watt bulb) it produces reasonable quantity of Negative Ions that are good for health and purify the room air.

Various Forms of our edible salt for:-
– Pink Salt Chunks 1.5 to 3 inch size.
– Pink Salt Crystals 2-6 mm.
– Pink Salt Fine 25-30 Mesh size.

Another edible salt which is sold as a hot item in US is Halite Salt which generally 99.9% Pure and looks like transparent glass. We supply it in:-

– Halite Salt Chunks
– Halite Salt Cubes
– Halite Salt Crystals

Though we can manage to import from China, yet normally we do not provide gadgets like grinder/graters. Our standard packing in 25 kg bags double PP Bags with plastic inner liner. These are palletized and each pallet weighs 900 Kg.

With edible salt we also provide an independent Lab Test report of the supplied lot and a Certificate of origin.

2 ) Himalayan Therapeutic Salt Lamps and Salt Products


Our Team


Niaz H Siddiqui

co founder

Bilal Hussain

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